5 Most Dangerous Hackers Of All Time

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Hackers aren’t always essentially bad. The word “hacker” doesn’t mean a “bad guy” or a “criminal.”  It rather implies somebody who tries to discover solutions or alternative answers for an issue. Hackers are usually reffered to as “white hat,” “black hat,” and “gray hat” by tech writers and geeks. Hackers are usually categorized according to their behaviors. Have a look at the list of 5 most dangerous hackers of all time.

5. Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon infiltrated over 97 NASA servers and US military in just a year during 2001. He deleted sensitive data software and files that caused US government $700,000 in recovery charges due to the severity of the damage. Confident in his skills McKinnon who went by the alias ‘solo’ taunted the military by posting “your security system is crap I am Solo I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels.” Strangely enough McKinnon wasn’t in it for any kind of monetary game and it turns out he was just looking for files containing evidence of extraterrestrial life which according to McKinnon he found.Gary-McKinnon-hackers


Little is known about Astra, which is the net alias of his notorious hacker who spent half a decade in the mid 2000 stealing high-profile weapons technology data and software. Astra would quickly sell this information to people and organizations across Brazil, South Africa, the Middle East and the rest of the world while no one knows how much money he was able to make or where it went. The damages he caused are estimated between $250,000,000 and $361,000,000 million. Strangely even after all the destruction caused by Astra was never publicly identified even when Greek authorities arrested and detained this threatening hacker in 2008. Speculations and rumors say that he is a 58-year-old Greek mathematician and is serving 6 years in jail somewhere.Astra-hackers

3.Hacktivist group Anonymous

You’ve probably heard about the infamous hacktivist group Anonymous. Sprouting back in 2003 from the breeding grounds of 4chan.org, Anonymous consists of an unspecified number of politically active hackers. They campaign for Internet freedom, social justice and transparency in the law with nothing off limits. This group has hit the Chinese government, the Vatican, the FBI and CIA; while spending just as much time leaking documents or taking down websites with political intent during the aftermath of tragedies like Charlie had Bo, Michael Brown. Enlarging large-scale personal attacks on individuals associated with the KKK, they may not be monetarily motivated. However, the information they have led in the impact they’ve had on cases and cover-ups has totally been huge.Anonymous-hacker

2.Matthew Bevan and Richard Price

The dangerous British hacking duo of Matthew Bevan and Richard Price took the world for a potentially deadly ride for several weeks in their youth back in 1994 by attacking the Pentagon’s networks. They progressed further by stealing battlefield simulations. That isn’t enough; they also started intercepting messages from U.S agent stationed in North Korea by accessing sensitive materials from Korean nuclear facility. This was all incredibly alarming to the US because at the time Price and Bevan were using US systems to infiltrate information from Korean system; the news took an international turn.2-Matthew-Bevan-Richard-Price

1.Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick is known as the king of all the hackers with aliases like “the Condor in the dark side.” Mitnick’s real story stems back to his youth in the late seventies where he began taking advantage by tricking the Los Angeles bus transfer system to get free rides. As he aged, Mitnick found his gift for code and began hacking into big name companies like Nokia, Motorola, IBM and eventually the Pentagon. Millions of dollars of information passed through his hands before he was finally arrested in 1995. Mitnick went on the run from the FBI for 3 years and was the most wanted computer criminal of his time before he was sentenced to four more years in jail. The hacker didn’t consider what he was doing as hacking. He rather referred to it politely as social engineering at one point. The court found him so threatening and placed him in a solitary confinement as Mitnick could start a nuclear war by whistling codes into a payphone.Kevin-Mitnick-hacker

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