10 Most Expensive Items Ever Sold Online

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What would you buy if you had millions of dollars in your bank account right now? A nice house, a couple of luxury cars or a private island? Well, there are of course a variety of things that you can choose from. With such amount of money, everything is within your reach, you’ve just got to name it. But do you really think that’s all? Some of the most expensive items are being sold over the Internet today. Just as you’re reading this article, several lavish items are being sold for jaw-dropping amounts. Check out our top 10 list of most expensive items ever sold online.


Shoeless-Joe-Jackson-baseball-batComing in at number 10 is the baseball bat used by Shoeless Joe Jackson from 1908 to 1920. It sold at an eBay auction in 2001 for the astronomical sum of $577,610. Jackson had played for the Philadelphia Athletics, the New Orleans pelicans and the Chicago White Sox.


Ferrari-Enzo-supercarIf you had a cool million in 2002, you could have bought our ninth most expensive item: a Ferrari Enzo supercar. One of 399 ever produced .It was auctioned off on eBay and ranked as the highest priced item sold on auction in all of Europe.


Honus-Wagner-baseball-cardA T206 Honus Wagner baseball card not only ranks as our eighth item but also as the most expensive baseball trading card in the history. It was bought at auction on eBay for an amazing price of 1.1 million dollars in the year 2000.


Bridgeville-CaliforniaYou might be surprised to learn that our 7th item is an entire town in Northern California. Bridgeville California was purchased on eBay by a 25 year old college student in 2002 for the bargain price of 1.77 million dollars.


Atlas-F-missile-baseIf buying a town doesn’t interest you, how about missile base? The Atlas F missile base in New York State went for 2.1 million on eBay in 2002 and has become our sixth and most expensive item ever purchased online.


bronze-vase--Shang-DynastyThe second half of our countdown begins with a rare bronze vase from the Shang Dynasty. This Chinese artifact was made somewhere in between the 11th and 16th centuries. It was purchased at an online auction held by Christie’s auctions in 2010 for the price of an astonishing 3.3 million dollars.


Warren-BuffettOur 4th place winner is a high priced power lunch with Warren Buffett going for 3.5 million dollars in 2012. The proceeds from this annual event which began in 2006 benefit the glide Foundation’s charitable efforts based out of San Francisco California.


Gulfstream-private-jetsAn African flight provider bought the third most costly online item – a Gulfstream to private jets. They snagged this addition to their inventory for 4.4 million on an eBay auction in 2001. At that time, it set the record for the auction sites most expensive item ever sold.


Edward-Hopper's-paintingFirst runner up in our top 10 is Edward Hopper’s painting October on Cape Cod. Christie’s auction sold it in 2012 where it went for 9.9 million dollars in an online auction.


giga-yachtSelling for a mind-blowing 140 million dollars. Our first place winner was purchased on eBay in 2005 for almost 20 times more than the hopper painting. A giga-yacht featuring gym 10 sweets, 8 guest cabins and its very own helicopter pad. Is currently holds the record for the most expensive item ever bought online.

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