10 Countries with the Slowest Internet connection

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The invention of internet has brought about a drastic change in the world and greatly affected all of us. People linger over the internet to find information, research and maintain social connections. Therefore, a fast and secure connection of the internet is favored by the users when browsing through different websites. A slow internet connection can not only be boring and irritating but be slothful at times. It is a known thing that some of the powerful and advanced countries like South Korea, Japan, America and China enjoy internet speeds that are over 10 Mbps. But several of the developing and under-developed countries are still suffering with internet speeds that are less than 256 Kbps.

This list is derived to inform the readers the top 10 list of countries that have the misfortune to suffer from the slowest internet connection in the world.

10.  Malaysia


The use of internet in Malaysia started from 1995 AD and provided 16% of the entire population with the internet speed less than 256 Kbps. Since then, several upgrades along with maintenance have been done to boost the internet speed and have been successful to increase by around 4% in the last quarter.kuala-lumpur-malaysia

9.  Kazakhastan


In Kazakhastan, the internet started in 1995 with 16% of the people using internet speed below 256 Kbps. Here, 73% of people use dial-up internet connection; about 15% use ADSL connection and 6% use satellite internet connection. “Kaznet” is the most famous ISP brand in the country that has been increasing the connection speed by about 4.2% in the country.kazakhstan

8. Indonesia


The use of internet started in 1993 with 13% people using internet speed below 256 Kbps. According to a research done by TNS in 2011, the reports show that the number of Facebook users in Indonesia is the second largest country in the world and the number of Twiter users is third largest. With this statistics it shows that there are around 45 million people that use the internet among which 64% of the users are age in between 15 and 19.jakarta-indonesia-famous-place

7.  Syria


This Western Asian country has been using internet since 2003 AD where 19% of the internet speed is below 256 Kbps. The number of internet users in this country is relatively lower. The average download speed is 768 Kbit/s, whereas the broadband internet users show around 0.2% of the entire population.syria_maluula

6. Bolivia


Bolivia is a South American country where only 25% of the people use internet speed below 256 Kbps. The use of internet started in 2000 AD. But in recent years, a big improvement was brought around in the ISP service with 22% increment in the last quarter. Out of 1 million internet users, only a few use broadband internets.Panoramica_de_Copacabana_Bolivia

5.  India


With a huge population of 1.2 billion, there are over 121 million internet users in India. Here, Internet was introduced in 1995. Twenty seven percentage of the people use internet speed below 256 Kbps. The statistics shows that only 8.4% of the overall population has access to use internet and only 1% of the overall population use broadband internet.taj-mahal-india

4.  Iran


With the set-up of internet in 1993, 30% of the people use internet speed below 256 Kbps in Iran. However, the residential speed of internet is bounded to 128 Kbps by the government. This has been done to decrease media presence of the people. But commercials and businesses pay quite an amount to access high speed broadband internet.iran

3. Nigeria


Even though, the use of internet started in 1993, only 31% of the people use internet speed below 256 Kbps. There are a lot of internet cafes and setups that privately provide internet access in different parts of the country.Lagos-Nigeria

2.  Nepal

When internet was introduced in Nepal in 1995, only 1% of the overall population had access to it. However, there are many cafes and public places that provide Wi-Fi service offered by many ISPs growing in the country since 2005.



1. Libya


In Libya, Internet was introduced in 2000 AD. Here, 52% of the people are using internet speed below 256 Kbps. The only ISP in the country is LTT that provides internet access to 380,000 people that use DSL and WIMAX service.mosque_in_Bomba-Libya


There are many factors like political instability, wars and natural disasters that have made these countries lag behind with a limited digital connection. To connect with people all around the world, a fast and reliable connection is very important. We really hope these countries will have the best internet connection in the days to come.


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