10 Best Selling Cars Of All Time

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No matter it’s a sedan, a crossover SUV or even a truck; Car shoppers have a thousands of choices to pick from. Whether they are rare or common, vintage or modern, the best selling cars never fail to catch the attention of every car enthusiast. However, the best of the bests is most likely to vary with time. There are a number of factors that make a car best selling of all time. A car’s looks, market price, comfort ability, and even mileage matter to a great deal when it comes to staying on top of the spot. Well, these days not to mention gas prices have been a keen concern too.

Depending upon the status, sales and consumers’ reaction upon the cars, here we’re going to present you the most popular cars in the world’s history. No, the cars aren’t the fastest of all, neither are they the most exquisite of all in the market. They are simply like Starbucks, yes the automobiles that you would usually see on the road or whenever you turn your head to. Some of the cars in the list are way too antique, but as you go along, you’ll soon find out why they are there. Without further ado, check out the top list of best selling cars of all the time.

  1. Chevy Impala: 14M units sold

Released in 1958, Chevy Impala is more than 50 years old. The Chevy has already sold 14 million units around the world throughout the decades, and it could probably be selling at this point too. At first, the Impala had two large doors but the company slowly transformed it into a versatile sedan. The coupe style actually stayed longer while the company was performing various upgrades.


  1. Volkswagen Passat: 15.5M units sold

The best-selling number 9 car of all time is the Volkswagen Passat. Volkswagen debuted in 1973, and since then it has already sold more than 15.5 million units. The Volkswagen Passat was considered as a family car, being the main reasons why it remains in demand in the market even today. This is the sole reason why the company developed it into a larger vehicle. They believe that the North Americans would favor it and would eventually sell more.Volkswagen-Passat

  1. Ford Model T: 16.5M units sold

Surprisingly number 8 on the most sellable cars of all time is the Ford Model T. It is very popular and has sold 16.5 million in the market. Released way back in around 1908 to 1927, Model T would still make the enthusiasts’ heart beats faster. It was built for average Americans by Henry Ford way back and believed to be the most affordable car at that time.Ford-Model-T

  1. Honda Accord: 17.5M units sold

Honda Accord was released in 1976 by one of the first Japanese manufacturer. It managed to enter the list of top best-selling car from the start of 1989. Honda Accord has been selling more than 17.5 million units and is also considered as one of the best family car. Many people guarantee that Accord is very safe to drive. Honda still carries this

  1. Honda Civic: 18.5M units sold

Honda Civic was released in 1972 and has been considered as one of the best selling cars. While Honda was in chaos, luckily they pushed to produce Civic and it became their first breakthrough in the car industry. Civic is also considered as the most affordable car. Honda developed it through the years that they would sell it with hybrid powertrains, and natural gas carrier.Honda-Civic

  1. Ford Escort: 20M units sold

Since 1967 Ford Escort has been considered as the best-selling car in England and was commonly referred as Ford Escort 1968 Model. In 1981, it debuted in America earning more attractions to car industry. It is actually a small car that can save up a lot of gas since it is fuel-efficient. Its popularity in America may be huge, but it’s even more famous in England that it had six improvements in larger engines with more options in its interior designs.european_ford_Escort

  1. Volkswagen Beetle: 23.5M units sold

Volkswagen Beetle may be small and cute but it is really eye-catchy. Volkswagen Beetle had sold more than 23 million units sold its debut in 1938. The Volkswagen Beetle has been through a lot before becoming immensely popular in 1960s that it was also considered as the free-wheeling 60s. It is the oldest existing best-selling car in this list and would still be the choices of million love-bugs out there.Volkswagen-Beetle

  1. Volkswagen Golf: 27.5M units sold

Landing in the 3rd position, Volkswagen has been so lucky that it has sold more than 27 million units of Golf worldwide. Golf debuted in the market as Rabbit Americana in 1974, hoping to follow the success of Volkswagen beetle. It was called Rabbit back then, until it was developed and was referred to as Gold in 2010. Volkswagen added more features to it, particularly diesel options.Volkswagen-Golf

  1. Ford F-Series: 35M units sold

Bagging the second best-selling cars is the Ford F-Series. It has already sold more than 35 million units. It has been getting a lot of attention from the car enthusiasts. Ford 150 debuted in the market in 1948. This vehicle was improved and developed as the time went by. Over the past few years, Ford F-Series still remains in demand, naming Ford as the undoubted champion among the other trucks.ford_f150

  1. Toyota Corolla: 37.5M units sold

Toyota Corolla owns the number one spot of top selling cars. It has also been popular among the Japanese and American cars. Not only is it affordable, it can actually save up diesel for it is a fuel-efficient sedan. Toyota has already sold 40th million units. Similarly, for the 11th generation of Toyota Corolla, the company is expecting to push 300,000 models.Toyota-Corolla

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