10 Shocking Celebrity Marijuana Users

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Regardless of the widely increasing cannabis use in today’s time, it’s pretty surprising that some celebrities are still underground pot smokers. Protests for the legalization of cannabis are seen time and again. However, legalization of weed is something that’s really elusive. There is no questioning of the marijuana fever. It is already legal in some states of the USA. And it will continue to be so until all the states are legalized, trust me. Legalizing weed have been the dream of almost every pot smoker. No matter how popular marijuana use may be, when we get to know a certain celebrity is a marijuana lover, we can’t help but get surprised. There are some famous marijuana users who openly admit their weed addiction in front of the public but there are some other celebrities who want to keep it a secret. We bring you the shocking list of top 10 celebrity marijuana users.

10.Jennifer Anniston

Friends-actress-Jennifer-celebrity-Marijuana-UsersThe Friends actress and everybody’s favorite Jennifer Anniston has been known smoking weed here and there. The 46 years old actress says that now it is all about moderation. In her late forties Anniston still looks youthful and energetic, maybe marijuana is the reason behind it, who knows!

9.Marilyn Monroe


Monroe who is an icon to most women enjoyed marijuana during her time too. A video of her enjoying ganja went viral 50 year after her death.

8.Oprah Winfrey


Oprah Winfrey is an icon to many people. She is one of the well known and respected celebrities worldwide. However, it is surprising to know that such an iconic personality enjoys weed. She openly admitted about using marijuana in an interview with Andrew Cohen.

7.Arnold Schwarzenegger


The 67 year old superstar has done everything from acting, bodybuilding, joining politics and even smoking marijuana.

6.Barbra Streisand


The 72 year old singer and actress is not only an icon in multiple of fields but also a marijuana user. She spoke with the USA today about the times she smoked weed with the comedian Peter Sellers.

5.Morgan Freeman


Freeman who is known for his smooth voice and amazing acting skills is also one of the supporters for the legalization of marijuana. He openly claimed that smoking weed boosts up his energy.

4.George Clooney


George Clonney, the ingenious actor and producer is also a marijuana user. It was reported that while filming for Oceans 12 in Amsterdam, he frequently visited a coffee shop which sold cannabis.

3.Joseph Gordon Levitt


The 34 year old American actor and filmmaker clearly stated in an interview about his preference of marijuana. Joseph made it clear that he prefers marijuana over alcohols.

2.Barack Obama


Yes, you read it correct. Barack Obama, the president of the United States openly admitted that he had smoked weed during his youth. It is still pretty amusing to think that the president smoked marijuana.

1.Justin Timberlake


The 34 year old American Singer, songwriter and actor is surprisingly a marijuana user. He isn’t out there as Snoop Dogg or Wiz Khalifa, but he doesn’t hide his cannabis preference. He even stated that he thinks some people are just better when they are high. May be he was talking about himself.

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