5 Most Mysterious People Of All Time

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It’s super interesting to know that our history is all filled up with breathtaking tales of mysterious people. Over the past couple of centuries, several incidents have occurred where most of the mysterious people have been encountered – many of whom have never been identified. They come and go, some are criminals while some are just the suspects. Listverse brings you the top 5 list of most mysterious people of all the time.

5. Zodiac killer

zodiac killer-most-mysterious-peopleThe Zodiac killer is a serial killer who copied the best. Following the behavior of Jack the Ripper, the Zodiac killer communicated with the police department, teased and taunted them and also bragged about the huge numbers of people he had killed without being caught and invented his own alias for them to use. The Californian police never managed to catch the killer nor figure out who he actually was. The Zodiac killer claim to have killed 37 people although seven is the number of victims the police have conclusively identified as his. The zodiac killer was after couples in and around California. His signature was leaving behind cryptic notes. The Zodiac killer was sloppy only once leaving a survivor behind who offered the police a physical description of the killer. However, the description only led to arrest all of the suspects but the murderer himself has never been caught.

4.Den cooper

Dencooper-mysterious-manThere is only one man in US aviation history that hijacked a plane and got away with it. In 1971, a man who went under the alias Den cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 between Oregon and Washington. He extorted $200,000 and ransom which is the equivalent to 1 million dollars today. After he got the cash, Cooper preceded to parachute out of the plane even though some speculate the surviving such a fall with so much weight strapped to the body is impossible. Cooper has never been found living or dead. The FBI pursuit the case relentlessly and meticulously went over approximately 1000 suspects but the real then Cooper has not been found to this day. It is a rare example of the perfect crime.

3.Tank man

Tank-man-brave-mysterious-peopleThe Tiananmen Square Protest of 1989 was a student led protest in Beijing. The protest turned into a massacre after the Chinese sent in the military in order to enforce martial law. The military was heavily armed and they didn’t hesitate in using rifles and tanks against unarmed civilians out of which the majority were high school in grade school students. The morning after the major blood shed, a man was seen standing in front of the column of Chinese type 59 tanks blocking their way. The tanks tried to avoid the man but he kept positioning himself in such a way that he prevented there advancement. The incident was largely reported. There were many photographs, which depict the bravery of the man now largely known simply as the tank man. His identity was never discovered nor is it known what happened to him after the famous stunt he hold.

2.Babushka lady and Umbrella man

babushka-lady-mystery-womanUmbrella-man-mysteryOne of the most infamous moments in modern history is definitely the assassination of John F Kennedy. The event was recorded and the video has been scrutinized numerous times. During the thorough analysis of the footage all person captured on film or investigated for their potential involvement. But, two of them were never accounted – the famous babushka lady and the umbrella man. The umbrella man is seen in quite a few photographs from that day and present on video footage taken from certain angles. What is particularly curious about this man is the fact that he held his umbrella throughout the entire event even though the sky was clear and there was no reason at all to anticipate rain too. He held his open umbrella high during the very shooting but it was seconds before the president was shot that he spun the umbrella clockwise after the assassination. The man sat down on the sidewalk after a while he got up and went to the Texas School Book Depository. All this time, he and his umbrella were inseparable. His identity has never been discovered

1.CPR dummies

CPR-dummies-mysteryIf you ever had CPR training or worked as a lifeguard, you probably didn’t think twice about the dummy you were working with as it turns out the face of the widely manufactured rescue dummy is the face of an actual human being. The anonymous girl in question is known as the woman of the sin and she was drowned in Paris in the late 18 hundreds. Her murderer was never discovered but her beauty became more famous post-mortem than it ever was during her lifetime. The corner her body was taken to was so mesmerized by her face that he had a plaster cast molded after it. The beautiful mold didn’t go unnoticed and many others made the same creepy order. Having a mask based on the mystery girls face became a huge trend in French and Germany and for a long while it was quite a morbid must have accessory. The trend eventually died off and it was a Norwegian toy maker who brought it back into circulation when he decided to make the CPR dummies by using that same old mold.

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