10 Most Expensive Dresses Worn by Celebrities

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Fashion and celebrities are very much interconnected. Celebs are wearing the most expensive and beautiful dresses in the world today. They wear clothes from expensive designers and take a great pride to show them off on popular award functions. Among various sorts of dresses, wedding dresses worn by celebrities are the most expensive ones that create the most buzz in the glamor world. Here is a list of top 10 most expensive dresses worn by a celebrity.

10.Keely Shaye Smith – $60,000 Richard Taylor

Keely-Shaye-Smith-expensive-dressKeely Shye Smith, spouse of James Bond Pierce Brosnan wore the pretty silk dress by designer Richard Taylor. Keely’s dress is beautifully covered in pearls and costs $60,000, bagging number 10 position in the list.

9.Kim Kardashian – $75,000 Vera Wang

kim-kardashian-wedding-dressKim Kardashian wore the dress for her first marriage designed by Vera Wang cost $ 75,000. Her silk dress is plain white and decorated with ruffles. No matter how expensive the dress may be, there is no certainty of your marriage. Soon after two months Kim got divorced.

8.Madonna – $80,000 Stella M

Madonna-wedding-dressThe Queen of Pop Madonna has bagged the 8th position with her luxurious wedding dress from Stella McCartney in 2000. Sadly, her marriage only lasted 8 years but her dress cost a fortune of $ 80,000. Her white satin silk dress has a long train on the skirt.

7.Kate Winslet – $100,000 Valentino

Kate-Winslet-weding-dressThe marvelous dress of Kate Winslet, which she wore at Academy awards, caught everyone’s attention. The mint colored dress cost $100,000. Kate didn’t grab any awards that night but certainly managed to grab every reporter’s attention and compliments from fashion enthusiasts.

6.Victoria Adams – $100,000 Vera Wang

Victoria-Adams-wedding-dressThe gorgeous white wedding dress worn by Victoria Beckham, wife of David Beckham, for her wedding is at number 6 on our list. The dress by Vera Wang cost $100000.

5.Lady Diana Spencer – $115,000 Elizabeth Emanuel

Lady-Diana-Spencer-wedding-dressLady Diana’s dress, which she wore for her royal wedding with Prince Charles, costs $115,000. Her beautiful ivory silk dress with antique lace embroidered with 10000 pearls is at number 5 on our list.

4.Melania Knauss – $125,000 Christian Dior

Melania-Knauss-wedding-dressFormer model and bride of billionaire Donal Trump, Melania Knauss is at number 4 on our list. Her beautiful wedding dress designed by the famous fashion designer Christian Dior amounts to $125,000. Melanie’s beautiful white satin dress decorated with crystal whine stones and 1500 pearls made her look like a goddess.

3.Catherine Zeta Jones – $140,000 Christian Lacroix

Catherine-Zeta-Jones-wedding-dressThe mask of Zorro actress, Catherine Zeta Jones wore her $ 140,000 wedding dress for her marriage with actor Michael Douglas. Christian Lacroix had designed the satin dress with pretty ivory beads and Chantilly laces.

2.Cate Blanchett – $200,000 Giorgio Armani

Cate-Blanchett-expensive-dressThe ever so graceful, Cate Blanchett wore a dress by Giorgio Armani costing $200,000 at Academy Awards in 2007. The beautiful actress’s dress went beautifully with the shimmering pearls and matched perfectly with the black color as foundation.

1.Kate Middleton – $400,000 Alexander McQueen

kate-middleton-wedding-dressThe Duches of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has bagged the number 1 position on our list. Her dress by Alexandra McGueen, which she wore at her royal wedding with Prince William in 2010, cost $400,000. It is the most expensive dress ever wore by any celebrity in the history of mankind. The royal wedding looked even more glorious with her glamorous dress made of satin with lace blouse and appliquéd skirt.

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