5 Reasons Every Harry Potter Fan Must Visit The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter In Hollywood

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No matter what it is – it is always bigger and better in Hollywood! And so is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood.

If you happen to be travelling to America’s west coast at any time, you can now get enrolled in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I know what you’re feeling! How incredible it is – just by the thoughts of it, right? Imagine what it would be like to really be there.

Hogsmede has finally opened the doors of the school to the media, celebrities and above all, to those tens of thousands of fervent Harry Potter fans. A big high-five to all you HP fans out there!

The spanking new Wizarding World of Harry Potter is placed close to the world class backdrop of the Hollywood hills. The site definitely is something that every HP fan has to catch a glimpse of.

According to the Universal Executives, the castle can’t be compared to anything else so everyone has got to see it for themselves to soak in its elegance. The 700 feet tall Castle hosts a much better Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride, where you’ll be able to enjoy the castle in 3D.

I know there are other Wizarding Worlds in Japan and Orlando, but trust me this is something truly different. Here are 5 reasons why a Harry Potter fan must visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Hollywood.

5. The Real-time Hogwarts is here…The Real-time Hogwarts

The marvelous hills in Burbank are certainly not the Highlands of Scotland, however they allow for quite spectacular stand ins. As opposed to the plain lands of Orlando, the rolling hillsides of Hollywood create an ideal foundation for the Hogwarts Castle. Alan Gilmore, the Art Director of the site has revealed that they wished to utilize the landscape design as a border around them, along with the sights of the hills through the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. This makes you feel like the castle you’re in is set in Scotland, not in Hollywood. You don’t just get to view the Hogwarts from an extra natural set up, but also from a different angle.

4. Done watching the Movies? Try out some Real Props…Harry Potter Props

After watching every single Harry Potter movie for more than fifty times, the next thing to do is to actually take a look at those props up close!

Traveling around the Hollywood’s Wizarding World is just like taking a walk inside the movie itself. Things around every corner is so familiar. The props fit flawlessly with those designed by the Universal Studios. It can be pretty tough to differentiate the objects created just for Hollywood however, you’ll have more fun wanting to figure out which are real.

When you get inside the castle, make sure you take a peek at the seat as you take a picture on the train. You’ll be amazed to see that it’s exactly the same material used in the movies. One more part of souvenirs to watch out for is the classic chalkboard used in the movies. The board shows the way to fight off a Dementor. More than everything else, just remember to take down notes when you take the ride, a Patronus charm might just come in handy.

3. There’s so much DetailHarry Potter Details

You can easily spend hours exploring Hogsmede and barely browse the exteriors of all you can find to experience in this land. Watch out for Hermione’s Yule Ball costume through the windowpane of Gladrags. You can also send out your postcards home from Owl Post or find out how to cast spells on a lot of the things in the Hogsmede store panels. Thanks to the tweaks in Harry Potter and the Forbidden ride, you’ll be able to believe you are literally traveling by air over the castle grounds. Feel the breeze in your face once you zoom along Hogwarts from where the massive Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets appears quite real looking. It’s not only the gigantic accessories that leave this land extremely realistic, it’s all those little stuffs as well. Every little detail makes this land so unique.

2. The Butterbeer, our all-time FavoriteHarry Potter butterbeer

Almost everyone looks forward to take luxuries; a couple of familiar titles have made their way over from Orlando, comprising the power to make use of a synergistic wand to cast spells across the neighborhood. With the Flight of the Hippogriff, the family friendly ride, Universal Studios Hollywood likewise welcomed its very first rollercoaster in the outdoors. You can actually stop by your best-loved shops, like Honeydukes Sweet Shop, the Three Broomsticks Pub and Zonkos Joke Shop. Take a rejoice making a purchase of both the ordinary and freezing iced Butterbeer. Nothing could possibly be as heavenly sweet as this non-alcoholic drink that is perfect for a great Hollywood day out.


1. The Forbidden Journey Ride: A Ride of a lifetime

The Forbidden Journey Ride

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in Hollywood is undeniably a ride of a lifetime. Universal Studios have tried out a number of ways to enhance the experience, with each and every scene “thoroughly polished…all scenes extended”. Most of the sets throughout the trip are far more distinct than before, along with the arms of the horrifying Dementors and the details of the huge spiders in the Forbidden Forest scenes. The bolted dragon gets nearer to you than ever before. The 3D experience on top is so real that you will genuinely think that they are in fact close enough to seize the hovering golden snitch, with the spooky breath of the Dementors. And in the place of average 3D glasses, you can try the Quidditch glasses when traveling around the castle – just the right gear when you meet Harry in a Gryffindor vs Slytherin Quidditch match. Turning and swooping as you fly over the grounds of Hogwarts make up for a ride like no other in the world.



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