10 Luckiest People In The World

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Would you consider yourself lucky if you won a lottery? Well, you might as well need to think twice. There’s a reason why some people are called lucky. Some folks have special good luck charm while some end up getting everything they want. Such people are extremely positive beyond any question. They also have a huge power of attracting things – if you believe in law of attraction. No wonder positive attracts positive. So what are you waiting for? Wouldn’t you want to go through our top 10 list of luckiest people in the world? Who knows, luck might follow you too.


Frane-Selak-luckiest-peopleFrane Selak is a Croatian music teacher who has escape death 7 miraculous times. Selak encounters with death began in 1962 when a train he was riding crashed into a freezing Canyon River. He managed to continue his lucky streak when he subsequently survived a crashing airplane, being hit by a bus and being a passenger of not only a bus falling off a bridge but two burning cars and a devastating car crashed launching him over the side of a cliff. Since then, his luck has changed from surviving to winning. In 2002 he won the $1,000,000 Croatian National Lottery which he used to buy a small chapel to thank God for all of his fortune.



Nichiren was a prominent 12 century monk who was sentenced to execution for having written a tree to see that Japanese authorities considered subversive and undermining of their authority. By pure luck, Nichiren managed to escape his own beheading when the executioner was struck and killed by lightning from above, upon raising his sword. Nichiren was ultimately released by authorities due to the incredulous nature of the situation.



Cuba’s counter intelligence agency has estimated that Fidel Castro has survived over six hundred and thirty assassination attempts. A number of which were planted employed by the US CIA, numerous mafia members, his own old mistress and many others. Fidel survived cigars poisoned with bolt Unum toxic, exploding cigars, a radio laced with LSD, hypodermic needles filled with lethal concoctions and much more.



While on the job, Brazilian construction worker and Eduardo Liete had a 1.8 meter long iron bar fall from the fifth floor of the building. The bar not only pierced through his protective hard hats but also spear through his skull before exiting between his eyes luckily not only did the Brazilian survive but he also felt no pain by chance. The iron bar did not cleave through any major function holding parts of the brain and Eduardo is expected to make a full recovery.



Indiana native Robert Hamilton won the Hoosier lottery top prize of $1,000,000 not once but twice. The odds of winning the Hoosiers top prize is one in more than 2,000,000. Hamilton’s double win is as he says icing on the cake if you like some advice well he won’t give up his own. Hamilton says he plays the same numbers every time.



Heavy rains caused a massive landslide last year in Taiwan. One lucky motorist narrowly missed a giant boulder by inches when it slipped down a Taiwanese Mountain. In a clip captured on the dashboard camera of another car, you can see a massive chunk of rock break from the mountaintops before rolling all the way to the bottom and nearly crushing a man in his car. Amazingly, the driver wasn’t injured in the act of God like natural disaster in there. The Nero heart-stopping escape was caught and posted online where it cumulated millions of views across the web.




The first recorded physical attack on a president was against Andrew Jackson in 1835. An unemployed house painter by the name of Richard Lawrence came locked and loaded ready to take out US President Andrew Jackson as he was leaving a funeral. Lawrence aimed his pistol and squeezed the trigger. It misfired but Lawrence came prepared with a second pistol. He quickly took a second shot and it misfired again. The chances of this happening are one in 2 million. Legends has it that Jackson then beat Lawrence with his cane. Later on, both of Lawrence’s pistols were tested and they fired properly on the first try.



Sometimes bad things happen. For Bill Morgan, it was when he was tragically crust in a truck accident. He was clinically dead for more than 14 minutes. He somehow managed to not only survive but also away from 12 days of being in a coma even after his family unplugged life support. To celebrate is lucky survival bill Morgan bought a scratch it card and won a 27 thousand dollar car. Intrigued by the story, a local news station asked him to reenact his winning moments with a new scratches where he then shockingly won $250,000 during his life reenactment.



Surviving one nuclear attack is a miracle, but how about surviving two consecutive nuclear attacks? Nagasaki residents Tsutomu Yamaguchi was on business in Hiroshima when the city was devastatingly bombed in 1945. He was unharmed and able to return to Nagasaki and his family the very next day. He quickly returned to work on August 9th, the exact day of the second nuclear attack. On a double stroke of luck, he manage to live through this and continued to live a long healthy life until he passed in 2010.




Did you know that your odds of being struck and killed by an asteroid in your lifetime is way higher than winning the lottery jackpot? Significantly higher to considering individual odds for winning just once in over 1 in 200 million. But to your extreme excitement, Joan Ginther out of all odd chances, won the multimillion dollar jackpot a stunning four times. Statistically speaking, it’s nearly impossible. Yet here she is first winning 5.4 million followed by two million a decade later and then, 3 million two years later and finally that wasn’t enough too. She won an astounding 10 million dollars in 2008 in her fourth win.

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