10 Dumbest Facebook Posts That Got People Arrested

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Facebook is where you can find different kinds of people. A huge advantage of having a Facebook is that you can share posts that can help spread the word virally. Surprisingly, some people use Facebook to post their dumb actions too, which have ultimately made them land up in jail. Such dumb people on the Internet are the ones who come up with the stupid Facebook posts. Here’s a top ten list of dumbest Facebook posts that got people arrested for their stupidity.


A 19-year-old mother was arrested after she posted a Facebook photo showing her baby smoking out of a bong with she defended by saying it was meant as a joke. The authority didn’t find it funny and charged her with one count of drug paraphernalia


19 years old at the time Justin Carter was jailed due to an alleged Facebook post, which said, I think I’m going to shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent rain down and eat the beating heart of one of them. Following his $500,000 bill paid by anonymous donor, Carter is currently awaiting a trial. He and his family have always maintained that the Facebook messages were meant to be sarcastic apparently.Justin-Carter


An American couple posted Facebook photo showing their cooking in consumption of a rear Iguana which led them to being found guilty of violating the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.Endangered-Species


Craig Lyinch escaped from prison while serving time for robbery and immediately posted Facebook photos taunting the police. He managed to frame four thousand people in the process but ultimately the police found him due to his post on the social network.Craig-Lyinch


18-year-old Jacob Cox-Brown was turned in by his friends who sent in the post to the police where he was charged. Sadly the Facebook post was not sufficient evidence that he was intoxicated. But, it was sufficient evidence that he’s a complete idiot who needs to be banned from Facebook and more importantly from driving.Jacob-Cox-Brown


Paula Asher hit a car with four teenagers in it drove off receive the DUI and then joked about it on Facebook. The parents of the teens in the car crash saw her post and then requested the judge to have it removed Asher declined it and she was sentenced to two days in prison.Paula-Asher


Two males were sentenced to four years in prison after using Facebook to encourage a ride in England. They created the Facebook event to smash down the Northwich town and another for the Warrington riot.Warrington-riot


Matthew woods was sentenced to three months in jail following inappropriate Facebook comments about the April Jones who was missing at that time but was later found murdered. Madeleine McCann for who disappeared with Facebook messages included, “I woke up this morning in the back of a transit van with two beautiful little girls. I found April in a hopeless place and who with a right mind have adopted ginger kid.”Matthew-woods


Nick chars South Australia was arrested after local police saw photo of him on Facebook planking on a cruiser with the charge being found on police property without lawful excuse.Nick-chars


Criminal mastermind Victor Burgos was on the most wanted list until his Facebook post said ” catch me if you can I am in Brooklyn ” soon after the police went to Brooklyn and caught him.Victor-Burgos


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